The London Fairness Commission will launch on Wednesday the 10th June at Toynbee Hall, 9.30am to Refreshments provided from 9am.

The London Fairness Commission has been established to convene a public debate about fairness in London.  While London is a hugely successful and vibrant world city, some are beginning to question whether the city’s success is leading to a fair society for all its residents.

The Commission will facilitate a public debate over the next 12 months, encouraging Londoners to discuss how they understand fairness, to consider if London is a fair city today, and to decide on actions that could make London a fairer city in the future.  These actions will be presented to London’s new mayor, elected in May 2016.

The Commission is chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale, and is comprised of fourteen expert commissioners from across the worlds of business, research, health and charity.  It is an independent Commission, established by Toynbee Hall and My Fair London, with funding from the Trust, Tudor Trust, London Funders, and City Bridge Trust.

At the launch event Lord Adebowale will lead a discussion on the purpose, ambition and plans of the London Fairness Commission, and public perceptions of fairness and inequality in London.

Lord Adebowale will be joined by: 

 – Bharat Mehta OBE, Chief Executive of Trust for London.  Bharat will explain the role of the London Fairness Commission in considering fairness and the purpose of the support Trust for London has provided.

– Members of London Youth, a network of 400 youth organisations from across the capital.  Young people from London Youth will describe their experiences of fairness and unfairness in London today. 

 – Liz Meek, Chair of Centre for London and a London Fairness Commissioner.  Liz will discuss the findings of the Fairness Commission’s Rapid Evidence Review of inequality in London.