The Guardian has covered our Call for Ideas with an online submission form for readers and a blog by Danny Dorling and Richard Brooks.

Readers are asked to describe what a fair city means to them, what is fair and unfair about life in London at the moment, and for their top three ‘fairness priorities’ for London.

In a separate article Danny and Richard discuss interpretations of fairness based on equality, opportunity, freedom and luck.  They say that ‘radically different religions and political systems incorporate an idea of fairness. Politicians across both left and right all claim fairness for their approach’.  For the London Fairness Commission this means that ‘rather than advocating for our own interpretation of fairness in London, we want to hear how Londoners understand fairness and which measures they feel are needed to make London the leading global fair city’

For more information about our Call for Ideas take a look here.

The Guardian will feature a selection of the responses to our call for ideas on their site after the 1st August deadline.