Call For Ideas

We want to hear your ideas about what fairness means in London, whether London is a fair city, and what would make our capital a fairer city.  In order to consider these big questions, we would like you to submit your views, including stories about your experiences, supporting analyses and suggestions for how things could be made fairer in London.

Your responses to these questions will guide the conversations we have with people and groups across London over the coming months.

 If you are representing a group or organisation please answer the following questions:

  1. What does a fair city mean to you?
  2. What is fair and unfair about life in London at the moment?
  3. What specific experience or evidence do you have about inequalities and fairness that may be of use to the Commission?
  4. Based on your experience or evidence, what is your or your organisation’s analysis of the cause/s of unfairness in London?
  5. Are there any people or communities for whom life in London is particularly unfair?
  6. What do you or your organisation believe would be the best ways to tackle inequalities and increase fairness in the city?
  7. What should be the top 3 fairness priorities for the city?

Please keep your responses to 200 words per question.

If you would like to provide supporting documents please either provide a web link or attach them to your email.

If you are responding as an individual please answer the following questions:

We want to know your top 3 fairness priorities for London. Please complete these sentences:

Priority 1: London would be a fairer city if…..

Priority 2: London would be a fairer city if…..

Priority 3: London would be a fairer city if…..

Email your evidence to: Closing date for submissions is the 17th of August 2015.

If you do not wish us to publish your response then please say so on your submission.  We reserve the right to publish all written submissions on our website on within our reports.  While all submissions will be considered the Commission cannot respond to each submission.

Don’t worry if you are unable to participate in our Call for Ideas – there will be other opportunities to get involved with the Fairness Commission over the next few months. Keep up to date by regularly visiting our website and casino guide, signing up to our mailing list via our Home page.