How do we build a fairer London?

5:30 to 8pm Thursday 19th November, New Horizon Youth Centre.

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The London Fairness Commission wants the views of young people on whether the path your city is taking is a fair one.
As part of a city-wide debate, young people aged 16-24 from all over London are invited to a special, free event to discuss ‘What do we need to do to make London a fairer city?’
Launched in June this year, the Commission has so far asked Londoners to consider how they view fairness, whether London is a fair city, and what should be done to make London fairer. We recently published our Interim Report, reflecting on our findings and setting a series of fairness dilemmas for Londoners.
With London Youth we want to hear from young people ages 16 – 24 from across London. This meeting will have a significant influence on the London Fairness Commission’s recommendations, which will be published in March 2016.
We are also organising public events with London Voluntary Services Council, Race on the Agenda, and Age UK.


The meeting will be run using a process called ‘open space’. Open space allows everyone at the meeting to raise the issues that matter to them, share and develop ideas and consider recommendations for the future. It is participative, energetic and focused.
Refreshments will be provided at the event.
The venue has wheelchair access.
Tickets are available here.
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If you have any queries about the event, please contact our Ornella at or on 020 7549 8800.


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