About Us

The Commission has been chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale and is comprised of expert commissioners from across the worlds of business, research, health and charity. It is an independent Commission, established by Toynbee Hall and My Fair London, with funding from Trust for London, Tudor Trust, London Funders, and City Bridge Trust. The London Fairness Commission went through three phases.

In the first phase, from June to September 2015, the Commissioners asked Londoners to respond to the questions ‘What is fairness?’ ‘Is London fair?’ and ‘How could London be a fairer city?’ We received responses through a digital ‘Call for Ideas’ in partnership with the Guardian newspaper, seven evidence-gathering sessions with expert organisations, survey of two thousand Londoners, and focus groups with young Londoners and business leaders.

The second phase began with the publication of our Interim Report, which outlined the findings from the first phase and began to focus our discussion on issues of housing, income and wealth unfairness in London. To mark the publication of this report we held a London Evening Standard sponsored debate at the Guildhall, before holding five ‘open space’ events throughout the autumn. For these we collaborated with the London Voluntary Services Council, Race on the Agenda, London Youth and Age UK London, bringing together hundreds of Londoners to discuss their ideas for building a fairer London.

In the final third phase, from December 2015 to March 2016, the Commissioners began to construct policies that would address the issues of unfairness they had heard in the previous two phases. Under 10 headline areas, the Commissioners agreed a range of specific policy recommendations that form the basis the Final Report. In this the London Fairness Commission acknowledges the three largest extra costs to Londoners are for housing, transport and childcare.

To launch our Final Report we invited Sarah Sands, Editor of the Evening Standard to conduct a job interview for a fairer London with Mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan, Labour, Sian Berry, Greens and Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrats. With the election on 5 May 2016, we issued a challenge to make London fairer the new London Mayor.